Friday, September 23, 2011

The Parry Family {Portland Family Photographer}

Kellie Parry (you may remember her from the weddings we worked together here and here) is a good friend that I happen to have a LOT in common with. To name just a few... We both have an fine arts degree, we both welcomed a firstborn baby girl in the summer of 2005, we both started portrait photography businesses around the same time and we both suffer from MBACS.

You've never heard of MBACS? Probably because I just made it up. It stands for "Mom Behind A Camera Syndrome" and it is a serious condition. You may suffer from MBACS if you frequently find yourself at the back end of a camera endlessly documenting your family's day to day life and yet there is little photographic proof of your actual existence. If your child asks you questions like, "Hey Mom, were you actually AT any of my birthday parties?" then you likely have an acute case of MBACS.

To remedy this situation, Kellie and I decided a family photo swap was in order. Our family went first and braved a little baby spit up and some obnoxious bees. The Parrys went the next weekend and braved a gloomy day and a few raindrops.

These are a few of the images I captured of the fantastic Perry family.

And, just to prove that I really do exist....

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  1. It's so true...suffering from MBACS is a sad thing. Thanks for helping me find the cure!