Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcoming Jubilee: The belly {Portland, OR Maternity Photographer}

f you have followed this blog for any length of time, you will recognize Ashley... Mom to Shira, gorgeous woman, prolific knitter. I love her and her little family and I feel I am quite lucky to count her as a very close friend. Ashley and Ben's son Shira is a "cousin" to our kids (as decided by Gabriella back when Shira was a but a belly bump himself.) Needless to say, the entire Whisler household was all quite excited about the impending arrival of a baby sister for Shira.

Jubilee Joy arrived on Monday the 20th. There was 8lbs and 13oz of baby in that bump!

As previously mentioned, Ashley knits. She knits actual things that people can wear and use. I'm a little jealous of that fact. We all have our ways to get through those last few weeks of pregnancy... Ashley knit. For our shoot I asked her to bring along a sweet little baby item that she was working on. I didn't ask her to coordinate her yarn to our location, but I always appreciate it when things work out that way.

To celebrate Ashley and welcome baby Jubliee, some of the women in Ashley's life came together for a blessingway. A blessingway is a bit like a shower... but more focused on the mother and the depth of motherhood and not really about gifts. Each woman brought a bead to contribute for a necklace that now belongs to Ashley and will someday belong to Jubilee. Each woman also brought a note, letter or poem. It was a pretty powerful and emotional time together (but it is pretty easy to get me emotional.) When Ashley and I were planning this shoot we talked about meaningful items we could incorporate. Ashley was the one that thought to bring the box.

Of course, Shira came along and wanted to investigate. I love this interaction.

This might be my favorite. Stunning...

Hmmm? You are dying to see that little bundle of sweetness? I suppose I could do one teeny tiny sneakety peak.

Perfection. I could eat her up. She makes Reed seem HUGE though. Sigh.