Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ethan is one! (Portland, OR Baby Photographer}

Our very own nephew Ethan turned celebrated his first birthday this past week. Ethan made an appearance on the blog last year as a sweet six week old. I would say he has changed a bit...

Ethan isn't quite sure if he likes birthday parties yet, but fortunately he does like photo shoots. He was in a wonderful mood the entire time.

I swear I did not pose him like this. He's just kind of a natural.

So, maybe he looks a little concerned here (and who can blame him, his aunt does do some pretty ridiculous things doing photo shoots), but this one just cracks me up.

Mama kisses seem to be a recurring theme with these one year old boys ;) ...

Joe wasn't able to be at our last session. He returned from Iraq right before Ethan was born and had to leave for Hawaii shortly after. He is a great Dad to Ethan and I know they are all very grateful for the last nine months together.

Happy Birthday Ethan! I look forward to watching you grow!

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  1. Love your photography! Thanks for stopping by our blog.