Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jon & Liddy say "I do"

Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Elizabeth & Jonathan (henceforth referred to as Liddy & Jon). It was my first time solo shooting a wedding and I was a little worried I might be a nervous wreck, but in the end it was pretty easy to fall into the flow of the day and enjoy capturing all of those little moments that make a wedding day so memorable. Now, on to what you really came here for...

The wedding had a subtle VanGogh theme. Sunflowers were present throughout and references to Starry Night and other famous VanGogh works graced various elements of the ceremony and reception.

I love the look on Liddy's face as her mom laces her corset gown. I was so happy to get a shot that included her mom's wedding ring. I love thinking about the history that makes up a wedding day.

Seriously, have you ever seen anyone get dressed out of the back of a volvo and make it look like a spread for GQ? I caught Jon completely unawares on this one, and I'm certainly glad that I did. I'm pretty sure that I told him that if he was going to do anything else as interesting as getting dressed out of a car trunk that he needed to give me a heads up.

This is Sam, the maid of honor. In this photo she has yet to change into her bridesmaid dress, but I still love this image of her.

Liddy and Sam have been best friends since about junior high. This year they faced some tough times together. Sam's father, Bruce, was a second father figure to Liddy. Last spring Bruce lost his battle with cancer.

Liddy wanted to honor this very special person in her life on her wedding day, so for her "something borrowed" she borrowed Bruce's wedding ring. Sam helped pin the ring inside of Liddy's bodice, near her heart. It was a beautiful, sad, happy, amazing moment.

This is one of my favorite shots of Liddy. She looked amazing.

Jon's dad is a pastor and he officiated the ceremony.

I think this is my favorite shot of the couple. This is a candid taken just moments after the couple exited the wedding ceremony.

The day of the wedding was rainy, rainy rainy, but miraculously the rain cleared for both the formal family portraits AND the post-ceremony shoot with Liddy and Jon at a nearby park. I could've done a little dance over that one!

The park shoot was fun, but time passed all too quickly and Liddy & Jon needed to head back to their guests. I'll never tell what rather embarrasing moment preceeded this image, but I'm sure you'll have fun guessing! Unless of course you were there, in which case I'm sure this will give you a chuckle.

Liddy & Jon left out postcards of VanGogh paintings on the tables for guests to write them messages on. What a cute idea! Notice that the votive shadow also looks like a sunflower.

Jon and Liddy, thank you so much for letting me share in your special day. I appreciated your confidence in me and your enthusiasm so very much. I couldn't have asked for a better "first couple." I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak. I had such a hard time sorting and deciding which ones to post! Congratulations. I truly wish you the best.


  1. i love it thank you so much, this sneak peek made my night!!!!!

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!! I sooooooo enjoyed the photos of the happy new couple!! Job well done!