Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bailey Rose {Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer}

A few days ago I had the wonderful privilege of photographing two week old Miss. Bailey Rose. Bailey is beyond precious with her full head of hair, deep blue eyes and sweet, calm disposition. No doubt about it, Bailey is a blessing to the D family. Big brother Cooper and parents Jon and Jen think so too.

Seriously, is there any other time in your life when flaky feet are cute? I love that Bailey spread her toes for me in this shot. She stayed wide awake for most of our session and she was very intrigued by how Mom and Dad's rings felt around her little toes. She playing with them with her feet and curling her toes around them.

This is Bailey's serious look. For her modelling portfolio I think.

and content...

I really do love baby feet. Jen will probably laugh when she sees all of the foot shots in Bailey's gallery.

Aren't those lips just amazing?

After spending some time photographing Miss. Bailey indoors I headed to the park with the D family to take some pictures of the proud new family and of two year old big brother Cooper. Those will be up next!

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