Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About Natalie

When I was in the second grade I had three great career aspirations:

1.) I wanted to be an artist.
2.) I wanted to be a teacher.
3.) I wanted to be a mom.

I feel extremely blessed that I've had the opportunity to do all three. I'm sure my 8 year old self would have been quite pleased that I graduated from the University of Iowa with my degree in studio art and my K-12 art education certification. In 2005, my husband and I welcomed our first daughter and even my 8 year old dreams were far surpassed.

I became familiar with photography in high school, but I really started channeling my personal creative energy into photography once I became a mom. The days of infancy and childhood rush by so quickly (I know, I know cliche... but profoundly true) Documenting those every day little moments became a passion.

I live in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland with my husband and our 3 lively young children. As a family we enjoy making art projects, family movie nights and having dance parties in the living room.

My favorite portraits capture relationships. A quick snuggle with mom, a ride on Dad's shoulders... those little bits of childhood that you'll never want to forget. My style is fresh and playful, but also extremely personal. I'm not usually looking for the big cheese smile. I know I've down my job well when I hear you exclaim, "That is SO my son/daughter!"

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